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This bar has a buttery shortbread crumb, topped with my special salted caramel sauce, and shortbread crumble throughout the top and a sprinkle of flakey salt to make that flavor pop!


You can order these in 3 sizes:

small- (about 1x2") (minimum order of 24)

medium (about 2x2") (minimum order of 12)

large (about 2x4")(minimum order of 6)


**once you hit your minimum order, you can add on however many you would like.


These make great assortment trays/boxes. If you want to mix it up with other bars, contact me and we can make it! (you will still have a minimum for each bar, but I can package it differently)


These bars are shippable!

Salted Caramel butter bar!

PriceFrom $1.00
  • This food was prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to regulation and inspection by the regulatory authority and may contain allergens

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