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So what is this SHMILY thing all about?


SHMILY Tree holds a cherished history deeply rooted in love and family. Originating from my grandparents, their passion for baking was surpassed only by their profound love for each other. My grandfather, in a display of affection, would leave the word SHMILY scattered on items for my grandmother to discover, representing "See How Much I Love You." Their love story, like the branches of a tree, touched countless lives, a sentiment eloquently shared by our pastor after their passing.

Fueling this legacy, I pursued culinary education, inspired to share the essence of SHMILY. Settling on the Gulf Coast, my family established SHMILY Tree Bakery, allowing me to immerse myself in my culinary passion alongside my incredible mothers. Returning to the Midwest, I earned a Social Work Degree while continuing to indulge in the joy of baking.

This past year marked a decisive return to my true calling – baking and cake design. As I endeavor to rebuild SHMILY Tree, the vision expands to encompass a fusion of my culinary background and social work expertise with the inception of SHMILY Tree Smiles. This ongoing project is multifaceted; firstly, an unwavering belief that everyone deserves to celebrate special occasions, even in challenging times, by enjoying a birthday cake or a special dessert during holiday gatherings. The second aspect involves the finalization of the SHMILY Trailer, a crucial step towards active participation in disaster relief efforts.

As I embark on this journey once more, I invite you to join me in creating smiles, sharing joy, and building a community where everyone can find a reason to celebrate.

Contact us today to see how you can SHMILY someone you love!

Where we began.....

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