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So what is this SHMILY thing all about?


SHMILY Tree has a long history. It all originated from my grandparents. They not only had a great love of baking, and sharing their talents with others, but even more, so much love for each other. My grandfather left the words SHMILY all around on items for my grandmother to find. It stands for See How Much I Love You. After their passing, the pastor spoke of the SHMILY Tree and how many lives they touched through the many branches in their lives.

I attended culinary school and an idea was sparked to share SHMILY with others. Our family moved to the Gulf Coast and opened SHMILY Tree Bakery and I was able to pursue my passion while working side by side with both of my amazing mothers. Throughout the years after moving back to the Midwest, I obtained my Social Work Degree but continued to bake and make cakes for fun!

I officially decided to pursue my passion of baking and cake design again, and am working to combine my social work degree with my culinary background to give back to our community with the SHMILY Gives program.  This is a work in progress as I get up and running again. But essentially, I believe everyone deserves to celebrate special events even during the hard times. This includes having a birthday cake or special dessert at a holiday dinner. More information to come soon!!

Contact us today to see how you can SHMILY someone you love!

Where we began.....

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